Junge Mütter/Young mothers

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Gruppenangebot / group offer (freitags, every friday from 13.30 – 16.00)

The life of girls_ and young women_ can be very different in many ways. Especially the everyday experience of young mothers differs from the picture that comes to mind when thinking of youth and early adulthood.

Also the way of life may be diffenrent if you come from another country or you have been raised by family who has differing cultural values and issues.

If you are a young mother aged between 16 and 27 come to this new group and meet other women facing a similar everyday experience. This group wants to help you to discover your own needs and possibilities.The goal is to get into contact, to provide support for each other, to help you to deal with differences in structure, culture, way of life and burocracy in the new homeland.

You are invited and very welcome to bring a (female) friend.

Childcare will be provided.

Arabic and English translation is provided.